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Q May 09 - In the latest trailer I've seen a Dunadan's sword stained with Orc blood, or so I guess, since it's green blood. However, both the books and films state that Orc blood is black. Did I see wrong or is it different on purpose?

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - We unfortunately struggled to get the colour right for the orc blood, it is hard to get black and it always came out greener than I’d have liked. We might be able to do something about this during post production but we’ll have to see.

Q May 09 - Why does the Ring of Barahir look different than the one in the LOTR films? You've kept the tone of the film similar and use the same font for the website, yet something as important as that Ring looks way different.

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - We did actually start off with a replica of the Weta version for the test shoot in 2006 but just like the Aragorn sword used in 2006, wanted to avoid using copyrighted props etc and have unique swords etc for BoH. When our Art Department Coordinator, Edward M Eglinton, came on board he said he could see if a local jeweller in his native Canada might be interested in making a new Ring of Barahir. We liked the idea and worked on a lot of designs with Edward which we thought better fitted the description that Tolkien had written and two unique rings were made by Jason Bellchamber. This is unfortunately the only thing that breaks our link with the New Line Trilogy but I hope that people will really like the new ring and appreciate the work that went into it.

Q Mar 09 - What language is being spoken in the trailer? Excellent work so far

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - The language is Sindarin which is one of the Elven languages. It is said that the Dúnedain spoke this language much of the time or a similar one.

Thank you for your question and your support. We very much appreciate it.

Q Mar 09 - Will the film be on a dvd too which i can get hold of would like to have one in my collection?

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - Although we would love to, I am afraid that at present we are not allowed to create a DVD of the film. We do hope to screen it at some conventions and events but other than that the film is only going to be viewable streamed via the internet.

Q Oct 08 - So Elrond won't be in this film? I thought he was the man that took care of Aragorn when his father and then his mother died.

Q Oct 08 - I'd like to ask You if Arwen will appear in the film. *crossing fingers, closing eyes prays 'please no!'* Thank you!

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - These two questions I can answer together. Neither Elrond nor Arwen will be in the film. I do not wish to replace actors who have already created characters we’ve all seen, so unless Liv and Hugo happen to be in the UK in the next few months and are willing to work for free then I wouldn’t hold your breath guys. You will however see Elladan and Elrohir.

Q Oct 08 - This Luke-guy will play baby Aragorn? Isn't he bit of older than 2 years old? I know it have already been asked, but shouldn't he have GREY eyes? He is cute and everything, but I can't see a hot Viggo Mortensen as his future image. *feels so bad to be so niggling, but is too ViggoMortensen-Aragorn fan not to ask these things*
Thank You very much again, and good luck to the film! I know I'll love it anyway.

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - Yes you are correct, Luke is older than two which I did wonder about but decided that it gives us a little more to play with as he can interact more and take direction better etc. The other reason to use Luke is that I know his mum and his parents are very supportive of the project. It’s hard enough working with kids but to hunt down the right one, wherever he may be, and then make sure he’s available, willing to work for free and get him to set every time could be a nightmare. I just decided Luke was our best bet and to take some artistic licence with that one.

Regarding his grey eyes or brown as the case may be we might find we can do something in post to make them look grey. Non of the actors actually have grey eyes as far as I know but we’ll see if we can “fix it in post” or personally, if people are watching the film and worrying about people’s eye colour then we’ve not done a good job keeping the characters and story very engaging.

Q Sep 08 - If filming is completed during the Summer of 08, when is the projected release date?

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer)Filming will not be completed until the beginning of 2009 so do not expect the film to be released until summer 2009 at the earliest. Sorry for the wait.

Q Sep 08 - In both Tolkien's books and in Jackson's film, the elves have a sort of magical glow about them. Will any attempt be made to imbue the elves that appear in your film with such, either during filming or in post production?

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - Interesting. I have to admit I hadn’t really thought about this. I think if we did do any glow effect that would be a post production effect though there is also the option of using various filters on the camera to give them a softer look for example. I will have to discuss this with the camera operator and the DoP. Nice question though, it’s got me thinking.

Q Jun 08 - In 'Born of Hope', will you recount Gilraen taking Aragorn to Rivendell to be raised by Elrond? I think it's a very important part of the story, and deserves to at least be mentioned.

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - Don’t worry you will not be disappointed. Not saying any more ;)

Q Jun 08 - I read that for the second film they were possably following Aragorn's life story. If this happens, how will this affect the production of Born of Hope?

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - You are of course referring to “The Hobbit” and the “Other Film” being produced by Peter Jackson and his team. We will hopfully have finished filming Born of Hope before principle photography even begins on the Hobbit films so it won't affect us in that way. Whether the new official film dips into the history explored in BoH I couldn't say. Peter Jackson and the writers probably don't know yet either. I think it is unlikely though due to the fact that BoH takes place at least 10 years before Bilbo gets sent on his journey and with Aragorn only about 2 years old at the end of our film I doubt the Hobbit will mention this time period. We will just have to wait and see though I guess :)

Q Jun 08 - I hear this is a free dvd

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - The film will be available as a free download via our website and we also hope to screen it at some of the major conventions around the world.

Q Jan 08 - I just read in the Diary that they're working on a new building/thatching roofs (at West Stow). Might it not be nice to film these with the actors in costume. This might give a real life feel to the movie. Even if they are descendants of the Kings, they do normal they stuff as re-thatching a roof ;-)

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - Nice idea. Unfortunately as you can see from the photos below, although they are using traditional methods of thatching, modern technology does come into play. When we are filming in the village in July we might be able to have someone up a wooden ladder pretending to fix a roof.

House being thatched House being thatched

Q Jan 08 - If Sauron's involved, will you have Nazgul? If so, I think dialogue between them would be interesting.

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - Although Sauron is mentioned in the script we never see him. The Nazgul are not written into the script I'm afraid. As far as I remember the Nazgul do not appear in public, after a long break, until the one ring is found. Sorry.

Q Dec 07 - Why did you introduce new characters (not created by Tolkien but inspired by his work)?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer/Co Writer) - I feel that to do this story well it is absolutely necessary to introduce new characters, even if some fan won't like the idea. Tolkien did not write very much at all about Gilraen and Arathorn so we have very little to go on. We do not even know the name of Arathorn's mother or if she was alive at the time of our story. Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of this. Arathorn surely spent time with people other than his father and his wife and child. He must have had some friends and companions, so who were they? We also see a young teenage Halbarad in BoH but he can't be alone. We want to know who his father and mother were. Tolkien never told us so we have no choice but to create them ourselves. The story would be very bland if we didn't fill in these extra details. Understandably some changes may not sit well with all fans but a film is always just one interpretation of a story. I'm sure I remember reading some debate, when the New Line Trilogy came out, about the colour of Legolas' hair, some people thought it should have been brown not blonde. Adapting books is hard because with a book you essentially make your own movie in your head and therefore everyone may have a different view of the story.

I just hope that most people enjoy our story and our idea of what life could have been like for these characters. We have had to make a lot of things up. Essentially our whole story is original apart from the main character names and certain events stated in timelines.

A from Alex (Screenwriter) - Ditto what Kate said, plus these observations:

Creating a narrative that works as a screen story is different than the speculations about characters and "off-screen" events we all make in our heads when reading Tolkien. To powerfully advance the plot, and to properly structure the screenplay, one has to give the story a shape that is both coherent and cohesive. The script can’t be populated with scenes that may be cool on their own merits but ultimately don’t move the story forward because they don’t relate to anything else. Everything in a screen story must work together, or the entire narrative will fall apart.

As Kate said, in order to develop a story out of the little we know about this time in Middle-earth, invention was necessary. New characters and events had to be added, or successful subplotting would have been next to impossible. If we only looked at Arathorn and Gilraen, without expanding into their circle of relatives, friends and comrades in arms, it would be a one-dimensional story--merely an “A” storyline, and nothing else. A screenplay needs a “B” storyline (and a “C” and a “D”, etc., depending on all the layers being built into it), in order to enrich it and make it a full “storytelling” experience.

So, without getting too technical about the screenwriting, “making up stuff” that still had a Tolkienesque feel to it was essential to this fan film. Kate knew this instinctively, and introduced the new characters. It was my job to mesh them together with existing characters in order to properly structure the screenplay and make the story work on the screen from beginning to end. It’s a lot more involved than that brief explanation, but this is the concept in a nutshell.

Just an observation -- There are Tolkienesque characters that Peter Jackson and his screenwriters invented for the LOTR film trilogy:

Lurtz -- Does not exist in Tolkien’s LOTR.
Sharku -- Actually Saruman’s nickname from the orcs, meaning “old man”. In the movie, Sharku is an orc.
Madril -- Movie character whose name was supposedly derived from switching letters in the name “Mardil”, who was the first of the Ruling Stewards of Gondor.
Aldor -- In Tolkien, Aldor was a king of Rohan. In the movies, he was a different character.
Haleth -- There are two Haleths in Tolkien’s writing: The daughter of Haldad in the First Age of Middle-earth, and the second son of Helm Hammerhand. So the child Haleth in the films is an invention.
Freda -- An invention of the filmmakers.
Irolas -- There is no Irolas in Tolkien. There is an “Iorlas”, who is the uncle of Bergil, but he is never seen, only referred to by Bergil.
Brego -- In the movie, he’s Aragorn’s horse. In Tolkien, Aragorn’s horse was named Roheryn, who was brought to him by Halbarad and the Grey Company of the Dúnedain of the North. Brego was the son of Eorl the Young in Tolkien, and a king of Rohan.

There are a few other examples, too, but you get the idea!

Q Nov 07 - Just a quick question, will any animals be used in this production?
   Did the Rangers ride horses, and if they did, will they be included in the finished film?

A from Kate (Director/Producer/Co Writer) - Yes, it is my intention to include animals in BoH if I can. We should see animals in the village; chickens, pigs and maybe sheep.

Regarding horses, I would love to see them in the movie at some point. Horses are so important to a film set in Middle Earth. Not sure if Rangers would really ride much. It depends what they are doing I guess. Travelling long distances fast is best to do on horseback but stalking enemy forces is best to do on foot. We haven't actually written horses into the script because we were not sure if it was possible to do horse work. There are a lot of things to consider when working with animals. I have had discussions with at least one company based in Snowdonia, who provides horses for film and TV work. They would love to be involved but working with trained horses will take a large chunk of our limited budget so it is low on my list of priorities. I hope to get some in the village scenes even as background but we will just have to see how things progress. Fingers crossed is all I can say at the moment.  

Q Nov 07 - I was wondering what the main obstacle of the story line will be. Like the main enemy or climax.

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Well I don't wish to give too much away but there is an issue that runs throughout the film. Because Isildur cut the ring from his finger, of all the peoples of Middle-earth, Sauron holds none with more hatred and more fear than the Dúnedain.

"He spread his will amongst his servants and through the long years sought ever to discover if the Heirs of Isildur yet lived, so that he might destroy them, and the last of his greatest enemies would be lost forever." 

Therefore, before the One Ring is found again, there is another ring that holds Sauron's gaze.  The Ring of Barahir, the token of the Chieftains.

Q Oct 07 - Considering the amount of time this film is taking, what will you do as the young actor who plays Aragorn grows older? Will you find a child similar to him, simply use only the shots you already have, or find a completely new child and reshoot?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Despite the fact that Luke has grown since the trailer shoot I am still planning to use him as our 2 year old Aragorn. His was really too young to play him in the trailer shoot and as he has just turned three he will now be older than Aragorn was but I think this will still work. Hopefully he won't have any big growth spurts before we shoot his stuff. Luke will actually be one of two children to play Aragorn as we will also need a new born for two small scenes.

As an extra note, none of the footage shot in 2006 will actually be used in the final film. Our test shoot in 2006 was just that and therefore costumes change, new characters have been added and in fact the story and script has had so much work that non of the scenes used in the trailer and featurettes even fit into the current story.

Q Oct 07 - I hope that you are aware that Tolkien wrote a note that describes the place where the Rangers of the North lived, and take the information into consideration when making your movie.

David Salo, the well known Tolkien linguist, posted the following message on Usenet: Subject: Re: Where did the Rangers live? There is a short but hardly legible note which Tolkien wrote for insertion into the story of Aragorn and Arwen (and which was not in the event used); it includes information about the location of the Dunedain.   Because of the difficulty of the note, the information is not entirely clear, but it suggests that the Dunedain lived in woodlands between the Mitheithel and Bruinen. Source: microfilms at Marquette University, Series 3, Box 9, Folder 3.

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Thank you, I was not aware of this. I always imagined them spreading further west but luckily I don't think this will cause any problems with our story. Thank you for letting me know, there is so much information out there and I am not someone who has studied every book so it is easy to miss things.

Q Oct 07 - I know that it is to early to be thinking about it, but did you ever consider doing a film about The Silmarillion? It was just an idea and I can't wait until Born of Hope is released. Just remember that you guys have your own fans out here to.

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - For someone making a Lord of the Rings film I feel a bit guilty to say that I have never read the Silmarillion. I do own it but have yet to read it all. From what I know about the book it contains so much information that it could never be one film, even Peter Jackson has said that it could make quite a few films really to tell it all.  Born of Hope is ambitious enough so I'll stick with that for now. I'll let someone else take on the Silmarillion. 

Q Sept 07 - I want to know, if the movie can watch in video or dvd. Or download by internet? Thanks.

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Once complete the film will be available for free download with maybe a downloadable DVD cover so you can make your own DVD for your collection. 

Q June 07 - I was wondering, in the book, Tolkien takes great care in mentioning Aragorn's silver/gray eyes. How are you to over come this or are you not going to approach this at all?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - I am aware that Aragorn should have grey eyes but little Luke, our Aragorn, has brown eyes. If this was a larger production I could search the nation looking for a kid with grey eyes but with no budget it's often better to use who you know. There's no way we can use contact lenses but maybe during post production I'll find a talented graphic artist who'd be willing to change his eye colour in Post. We'll see. 

Also will Glorfindel and Erestor be featured along with a Legolas character?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - There are only two elves currently in the story and they are Elladan and Elrohir the sons of Elrond but you never know. I don't want to have a new actor playing a character we have already seen in the Trilogy so unless Orlando Bloom has a gap in his busy schedule then Legolas will not be appearing in Born of Hope ;)

Q June 07 - Hey! Jus' wanna know if born of hope will show in South Africa and if it does, when will it show? I've checked out your trailer I think it is the coolest idea ever!

Q March 07 - I am currently in the Costa Rica. When it is finished, will it be available to me here?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer)- Thank you very much. Once complete the film will be available for free download off the internet so anyone should have the opportunity to see it no matter where you live. 

Q June 07 - I've read portions of the website and seen that the film is still in production, just slowed down at the moment. Are you still looking for donations?
Specifically, do you still need a Ring of Barahir? If so, I would be happy to donate one.

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Thank you very much. Yes I am definitely still after donations however we were actually donated the Ring of Barahir prop from the trailer shoot.

We have also been offered the option of having an original ring made, therefore avoiding the New Line version. I'm still debating what to do as an original would be lovely and would avoid one prop that's copyrighted however if I want my film to link with the New Line film I really should use the new Line version.

Q May 07 - Born of hope; I must say from viewing the trailer; is the best quality fanfilm I have ever seen.
What camera, programs and computer do you use to film and enhance your movie?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Thank you so much! That's the aim. See the above question for the editing. For the trailer shoot we used a Sony FX1 with a Red Rock adapter and 35mm lenses. It was the first time Neill the DOP had used the adapter, it was brand new. We have a home made jib made of scaffolding and part of a hand glider. I think it can take the camera about 15 foot into the air. We also have a home made dolly and track though there are no shots in the trailer that use it. I hope that's helpful.

Q Nov 06 - Is Born of Hope now dead?
Very long time no changes or new data on website about film, so is the project no longer being pursued?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - No, not at all. I have just slowed down in order to pursue other aspects of my life. In the new year I plan to have a big re-assessment of the project and try to get it moving again but for now my own acting career is more important.

Q Nov 06 - Do you have a release date yet?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - No, sorry. The film is still very much in the pre production stage. However, the trailer shoot did give us quite a lot of footage and I do plan to get some more videos up on the website soon.

Q Oct 06 - Hi, where can I find information and if possible even downloads of your other projects like the short films “The Horsemen”, shot in July and “One Little Step”?
thanks a lot for making these films and I hope you keep to it

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer)- Here are some links to those other films.

Actors at Work Productions - See the Projects page

mad&bad films - see One Little Step (Music) for clips from the film

Q Oct 06 - recently found your website from (or something like that) looks great!My two questions are:

1. How long will the film be (about)?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - That's a hard one. Originally about 20-30 mins. Then it was being developed into a feature film, about 60mins or something. Now I am heading back towards shorter and simpler but we shall have to see in a few months time.

2. I saw the orcs in the trailer, really nice made. Will there be a big battle scene with many orcs (I mean not one ally and maybe 10 orcs, it's to little.. Please try at least!

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer)A from Kate (Director/Co Writer) - HA! Brilliant. You're a person after my own heart. I really would love to do that. In the script there is quite a big fight at the end with a number of orcs attacking the Dúnedain village but it will be quite a task if we go for that idea. I do know stage combat people but getting a large number of people to work for free is not easy. I struggled to just get extras for the test shoot and this fight scene would require many costumes, a trained fight team, choreographed fights, prosthetic masks etc. I'd love to do it but I can't guarantee anything right now, sorry :)

Good Luck, looking forward to the finished film :) Thanks

Q Sept 06- I am currently in the US.  When it is finished, will it be available to me here?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Don't see why not. The film will probably be available for download or on DVD and any DVDs will be made for various regions and formats.

Q - will there be a Original Score available for download some what similar to Star Wars Revelations. and will this film be available for download like most fan films. If you do not have a sponsor to host the film I suggest trying ifilm or

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Very hard question to answer at this stage but it is probably a yes. Making a film whether it's fan film or not is all about getting it seen once it's done. Not being able to make money means that it almost has to be downloadable. DVD would be nicer but the expense of making them and sending them out will probably prove too expensive. Not sure if a dvd for a 'donation' towards costs is allowed? Anyway, yes, hopefully unless we do get shut down before finishing, you will get to see the finished film....some how or other :)

Q - I'm interested in filmmaking and have written and directed a few shorts. I'm hoping to make a Lord of the Rings/Tolkien film in the future. I was hoping that you'd give some advice on how to adapt from the books and how to write your own material while keeping it true to Tolkien's great work. Do you have any little tips or secrets you'd be willing to share? (Good luck on your film!!!)

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Sorry about that, I didn't mean to publish this page until I'd answered the question. oops. This is a heck of a question to try to answer which is why it's taken me a while and I have to say it is one we are still trying to answer ourselves really.

For me I'd say it's all about keeping the essence and the themes that Tolkien uses in his writing. The fact that we are still in the writing stage and that the story has gone through a number of re writes will show you that it is not easy. A good screenplay is so important that it is something we are really trying to get right. I believe that films can only ever be 'based' on a book, a kind of trailer for a book so to speak, so things are bound to be left out or changed to make them visually more interesting. Although we are trying to stay true to the 'facts', there are some changes in the current version of our script which we hope people will forgive us for. Some of these changes are made to neaten up the story or make it more dramatic and sometimes it's purely due to our limitations, ie we currently do not have horses for people to "ride out against the orcs" so to avoid this and increase the tension at the end of the film, the fight comes to them. These ideas may change again before the final shoot but much as I hate it you do often have to compromise.

Tolkien wrote a nice mix of characters and each of these characters have issues that any of us might feel. "don't feel they belong" "unable to take responsibility" "growing up/coming of age" These sort of issues and story ideas are explored in our story just like they are in the Trilogy.

I'm not sure how much of this is useful? If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Once you see our finished film you'll be able to judge for yourself how well we have done. My only tip would be to read back what you have done a number of times and think "does this sound like something Tolkien would have written?" In the end you can only do your best, I am not a purest and believe that Tolkien wrote these stories as a mythology that he wanted people to take up and make their own. GOOD LUCK!

Q - Why does the orc look very similar to PJ's version? It's not by Weta right? Anyway, its great cos it looks as if LOTR was a continuation of some sort.

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer)Flattery will get you everywhere. Wow thanks. No they are not by WETA. We are lucky to have the young and talented Luke McNally on the team. I'll see if I can get him to write a reply. I'm glad you think they match the WETA designs. We didn't want to do a film that just clones the current Trilogy but we do want people to feel the films are connected.

A from Luke McNally - Thanks very much for the compliment. As Kate said, we wanted Born of Hope to be connected to the trilogy, so it was important to give our orcs the same feel as those WETA had created. I studied a lot of their designs and tried to mix some of the different elements. It was great fun creating these masks, I just kept on imagining PJ telling me to make them look more gruesome! Lol. I hope you like the full trailer.

Q - Are you gonna do anything CG on a small or grand scale?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer)- When I originally started the project I had no plans at all to use CGI in the film. We contemplated trying to us Maya to do pre viz but did not have the skill necessary to make it worth it. It is a very time consuming process. If we found one or two professionals skilled in CGI who wanted to help with the project I probably wouldn't say no to at least a screen test. As most of you will know Arador, Arathorn's father is killed by Hill Trolls which would be very tricky to do right but a challenge for anyone up for it. In the current script this action takes place off screen before the film starts although we did try to film some of this for the trailer shoot to add action. No trolls, just the camera on a jib arm. I have to say it's hard to keep a straight face when your 1st AD is shouting TROLL TROLL to cue your actors.

CGI would be great but would probably be more trouble than it's worth. Besides CGI has become so readily used and people expect so much of it now. There is nothing worse than bad CGI, you spot it and it stands out. Heck, sorry PJ I adore the films and think the CGI work is amazing and yet there are at least two moments in Return of the King that make me cringe slightly. I would not want Born of Hope or these wonderful characters to disappear amongst the green screen. You can tell me off if I change my mind. WETA are you free at the moment?

Q - It is stated on this site that: "Although this is currently a low budget self funded fanfilm and not a commercial production, I am aiming high and very keen for the film to look as professional as possible."
So, what will you do if this project will gather such a fanbase that the budget you have now just won't do the trick in making this?

At the moment, I see the same thing happening to another film in the making called 'Ancanar' ( They also had a small budget, but because of their own success they stopped filming to get a bigger budget....and at the moment we (the fans) don't know what is happening or when 'Ancanar' will premiere.

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - That's a good question and not all that easy to answer. I think I discovered Ancanar near the end of last year just as Born of Hope was coming back to life after the two year break. I only found out the other day that Sam Balcomb and the team were originally planning a fan film called Elessar but were stopped by Tolkien Enterprises, a wall we may also hit. Creating Ancanar solved this problem but you are right that it is a little unclear as to where they are in the process. I applaud them for having managed to maintain an amazing fan base and public interest with only a very small amount of footage available to view. I am looking forward to the film and am keeping an eye on it's progress.

As for Born of Hope, it is still a fan film so we cannot hope to get official funding because of the copyright issues. Our biggest break would be a wealthy fan who is willing to donate. For now my savings will be fine. Once the trailer goes up on the site you will all be able to see what we have managed to accomplish so far with only about £2000. Until the next stage in the development has happened we won't know how much more money we might need but the budget will always have to be in our heads when considering extra locations or characters etc.

Q - Will the twins (Elladan & Elrohir) be featured in the film?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Yes. That is the plan. I would have liked to have cast them for the trailer shoot but it was too complicated in the end. We need identical twins for the roles. The elves also require elaborate costumes and weapons plus long wigs and prosthetic ears. In the end it was easier to figure that one out later.

Q - When finished, will this be available on DVD?

A from Kate (Actor/Director/Producer) - Well it is a little early to say. I hope the film will be available in so way or other for fans to see and own. Whether that means downloaded from the internet or on DVD I don't know. It kind of all depends in what form the final project takes shape and how much support and opposition we encounter along the way. A trailer at least will soon be available to download anyway.