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January 2009
Another New Year! This film has seen a significant number of them now, it's scary. What will I do when it's all over? ...

Back in Pre Production...

Well it's not all about shooting. People often forget about all the hard work that has to be done just to get all the actors, props, costumes etc to set before anything can be shot. So this month is dedicated to ORGANISATION! Many lessons were learnt from the problems of the West Stow November shoot and we are all keen to avoid a similar situation happening again.

All the scenes are being carefully storyboarded and fight rehearsals will be taking place over the next two months ready for shooting in March 2009. I have added a very small example of some of the new storyboard as a teaser but don't wish to show you too much and spoil anything.

Fight scene storyboard

New Website

As you can see we have a brand new look for the website this year. It is a constant struggle to keep the website fresh and new and up to date but we are very pleased with this new design. If you have any ideas for improvements please email us and we will see what can be done.

Sad News

Unfortunately this month our fight directors, Ruth Cooper-Brown and Rachel Bown-Williams the guys behind RC Annie had to withdraw from further involvement in the production due to other commitments.

Ruth Cooper-BrownRachel Bown-Williams

Rachel as Danny's fight double.

Rachel playing Dirhaborn as Danny's fight double.

Rachel as Danny's fight double.Rachel as Danny's fight double.

It is sometimes necessary to double our actors with someone with more combat experience. So far we have also done this with Andrew McDonald as Dirhael, doubled by Lewis Penfold.

Lewis as Andrew's fight double.Lewis as Andrew's fight double.Lewis as Andrew's fight double.


As you might imagine, although we are all working for free and keep costs to a minimum, this project is not cheap to produce. Therefore we are constantly trying to fundraise in order to continue. It has gotten to the point now when private savings are so low that donations from fans is vital for our survival. You will probably start to see more fundraising ideas coming from us over the next few months. Keep your eyes open as there may be some fun things to get involved in and some prize draws to enter.


As you will see we have listed a number of events that we hope to take part in this year. We have just done Ring Quest which happens every year at West Stow and I know that we met a few of you there. The next event is filming and after that is Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands which is very exciting.

Well that's all for this month.

Best wishes everyone.

Kate Madison