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December 2008

…and relax…

Tis the season….

Happy Holidays

Well after a number of months of hard work and a whole year of Born of Hope it was decided that although we had scheduled one last shoot before the year was out, 13th & 14th December, we neither had the budget, time nor energy to deal with another shoot, and a major one at that. We were supposed to film the final fight in the forest, right near the end of the film. It was therefore decided that after the West Stow shoot we would wrap for 2008 and come back a fresh early in 2009. Being that it was my 30th Birthday on the 13th December and Christmas was coming we thought it would be better to use our last remaining energy to have a little gathering and actually chill out! We therefore had a bit of a party in London on Sat 13th, we had a screen and showed a few behind the scenes videos, funnies and a small amount of footage from the film. As far as I know a good time was had by all and it was well deserved!

Website changes

You will notice a big change to the website happening as the year turns. It’s a constant struggle to keep the website fresh and we felt it needed a whole new look. One of the major changes is to our title logo. We have gone green. I hope you like it.

Well it’s been a heck of a year! Two years since the test shoot and we finally got going on Born of Hope the Feature! Thank you all for your support.
We have another long year ahead to be ready to premiere the film in October at Ring*Con 2009 but we will get there.

Best wishes everyone and see you again in 2009!

Kate Madison