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August 2008 Newsletter

Well it's been quite a long time since the last notice on the Born of Hope mailing list so in case you haven't checked out the website in a while I better give you all an overview of what has been happening.


We have finally started shooting, over two years since the test shoot!  It was a great feeling to have our first week of filming back in July and you can read all about it on the diary page of the website. 


If you haven't looked at the website in a number of months you may not have seen that we now have a brand new look.  The old site had served us very well for years but with the run up to the start of production the site was starting to get a little muddled and it was time for a change.  You should hopefully now find the site to be much more professional looking and clearer to navigate.  We are always thinking of ways to add to and improve the site.

New additions to the site include:

an Events page - which lists things like shooting dates, screenings, talks, workshops and guest appearances

an Art & Design page - which take a look at the Concept Art, Props, Wardrobe and Creature Effects in Born of Hope.  We plan to improve this page soon.  

a Sponsors page - which details how to become an official BoH Sponsor and the benefits of doing so. It also lists all of our current Sponsors, please feel free to join them. 

a Links page - which has links to a number of our friends, sponsors and associates.  If you would like a link added please email us with a logo and let us know why you think we should add you.  We cannot add everyone I'm afraid. 

Diary page updates - all the July filming days are written up and include a number of photos

Photos page updates - There are new photos from the July filming days and we will be adding more soon. Plus we hope to have a proper gallery and slideshow facility soon. 

a West Stow page (COMING SOON) - looking in depth at our relationship with and the BoH related events happening at the site. 

a Recruitment page (COMING SOON) - detailing crew and production members we are currently looking for.  For example, armourers, caterers.

If you have any ideas or feedback please send us an email and we will see what we can do.

Ring*Con 2008

We are heading off to Germany in October just before we start shooting again to be guests at Ring*Con.  Christopher Dane, Beth Aynsley, Danny George and Kate Madison will attend the three day event with a BoH stall where you will be able to meet the cast, get autographs, find out more about the project, watch the brand new trailer and enter competitions.  The team will also be holding at least one official panel.  We hope to see many of you there.  Please come up and say hello.

Christopher Dane
Status: Confirmed
Beth Aynsley
Status: Confirmed
Danny George
Status: Confirmed
Kate Madison
Elgarain & Producer/Director
Status: Confirmed


We are currently running a prize draw with the opportunity to win tickets to Ring*Con in Germany in October 2008.   Please check out the website for more details.  Competition closes on the 10th September so tell all your friends now!

You can win tickets to Ring*Con 2008 when you donate - click here for details.

As we are currently seeking further Sponsorship to continue filming we hope to hold other competitions and auctions.  If you have any ideas of fundraising activities or would like to donate a prize or auction item, please do contact us.

Fan Art

Don't forget that we are still accepting fan art.  We are really impressed with all the work you guys have done so far and remember if you are really good, you might end up being recruited :)

Thank you to Brennan and Mercy for the examples above.

New Cast & Crew

If you take a look at the cast and crew pages you will see there are a lot of new faces since the test shoot.  Also, most of the characters who have remained have undergone a bit of a change.  We are currently producing some new character cards (below is a sneak peak at our new ideas) and other publicity using our new photos.

Well I expect there are loads of things we have forgotten but at least we’ve managed to send out an email.  We hope to send these out a little more often in future. Hopefully the next one will tell you that there is a new trailer online. Fingers crossed ;)

Best wishes everyone, don't forget about us.

Kate Madison